Meet David Weil, Wage and Hour Division Director

David WeilBoston University economist and writer David Weil became the head of the Department of Labor‘s wage and hour division.

Al Jazeera America recently profiled Weil, examining his academic background, and what his appointment means for the future of the wage and hour division.

Most notably, Weil has lead the wage and hour divisions “fight against employee misclassification”. He wrote and released his interpretation of the Fair Labor Standards Act, and has led the wage and hour division to “clarifying what it means to be an employee in today’s economy”.

Weil’s views, and guidance of the department, is relevant to company’s ensuring they are wage and hour law compliant, to economic experts analyzing wage and hour violation allegations, and to employees determining their position as workers or contractors.

Seyfarth Shaw notes that Obama’s proposed 2016 budget requests a 22 percent budget increase for the department, funding that would allow for hundreds of new hires and technology upgrades for more accurate tracking of employer actions.

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